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Premium infrastructure

Getspace stores your data in 3 Tier III certified data centers across Europe.That is the highest certification which guarantees top-level security and redundancy.

We partner up with well-known hardware and software manufacturers to bring you only the highest quality products.

This way we guarantee that you can access the best possible services available at the time.

Premium infrastructure allows us to guarantee you 100% uptime and reward 1 week of free service for every day of disturbance.

Physical security

All our data centers are Tier III certified. That means that every location has redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the equipment.

If one line of power is cut off, other power sources ensure the data stays online.

Backup power sources can keep the servers running for at least 72 hours. If one of the data centers failed, the other would easily take over its tasks.

Video-monitored, high-security area surrounds the area and entry is only possible with admission cards.

Modern fire detection system sends signals directly to the local fire department.

System security

System security is one of our top priorities. Updates are constantly performed on the servers.

We have a central back-up server for saving the backed-up data. In case of an emergency, other data centers are ready to take over the tasks and continue backing-up your data. We also provide 24/7/365 monitoring against hacker attacks. AI-based software use the machine learning and firewall protection to keep your information unreachable.

Data protection

Personal information is saved and used for the invoices or contact purposes. We follow the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and send the requested information to the proper registry only when that is necessary. All employees must sign confidentiality agreements and must complete training on the data protection every year.

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Our Services

Check now our main services.

SSD Hosting

From only
+ VAT 23%
Tired of a slow loading webpage? We totally get you. The solution for you – 100% pure SSD. You’ll see, the lightning speed and performance are guaranteed. Plus, you’ll get a 100 GB Storage Cloud as a proper reward. Win-win!

WordPress Hosting

From only
+ VAT 23%
You know the things you know. And we know how to make your WordPress page the most awesome one. Not kidding. Super speed, free SSL and backup restoration with a small reward – 100 GB Storage Cloud as a gift, just because… you’re awesome!


From only
+ VAT 23%
It’s time to stop dreaming about fast speed and performance. It’s here. With pure SSD, unlimited traffic and even a free additional 100 GB Storage Cloud – we‘ve got you covered. Use it, love it, you deserve it.

Storage Cloud

From only
+ VAT 23%
Stop deleting your files. Just save them online and access them from any device! From photos to documents – all can be SAFELY placed in your Storage Cloud. Plus, you won’t need to send things – you just share a link. Grab 50 GB for free and try it out!

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