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Our team consists of specialists in various IT and other fields who have accumulated strong work experience and are starting their career path. By joining our team, you will become a member of a team that creates an extraordinary atmosphere and seeks challenges!


Main tasks:


• Creation, development and modification of infrastructure;

• Administration and improvement of the company’s information systems;

• Maintenance and troubleshooting of the IT system and interfaces with other systems;

• Technical assistance when no one can help anymore;

• Intensive work on systems development projects;

• Testing and implementation of IT system changes;

• Planning and development of non-standard international projects that change the world.


What do we expect?



• At least 3 years of experience with Linux (CentOS / RHEL, Debian / Ubuntu);

• At least 2 years of experience with Windows Server;

• Knowledge of cloud computing technology (docker, kubernetes, openstack);

• Knowledge of servers and their technologies (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, Exim);

• Cyber security knowledge;

• Programming knowledge in shell environment (perl / python / bash – a big advantage);

• Virtualization knowledge (especially KVM);

• Excellent English.

• Ability to work on Eastern European Time UTC + 2 (GMT + 2).




Experience working with tools: iptables, tcpdump, strace, iostat, perf, valgrind, gdb;

• Experience working with software haproxy, maxscale, glusterfs, gallery;

• Redis knowledge;

• Experience in working and administering cPanel, Virtualizor;

• Experience working in a cloud computing company;

• Knowledge of additional language (Russian, Polish, other);


We promise:


• Impeccable conditions for development in a young and innovative team, a company that has a long-term and value-oriented vision;

• Opportunity to contribute to the development of international projects with their ideas, expertise and approach;

• The freedom to change and act to create a smart world;

• A task worthy of ambition.


Workplace: Remotely. Eastern European Time UTC + 2 (GMT + 2).

Salary: 1000-2500 € / month (netto).

There are no open positions currently.

There are no open positions currently.

There are no open positions currently.

There are no open positions currently.

There are no open positions currently.

Graphic Design
There are no open positions currently.

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